Testimonies: Traineeships

Samuel and Thibault

Samuel and Thibault

Students in 3rd year Bachelor of computer science at HELHa in Mons.
Trainees at AW EUROPE in January-May 2014

Samuel:"We are in charge of a complete feasability study on a new network security system, a technology that has not existed for more than 2 months. From the beginning I felt that my internship supervisor trusted me and that made me feel at ease. When our feasability study was well underway we were allowed to purchase the licences needed to make the tests. That was an opportunity for me to notice that this company spares no expense when it comes to innovation. Actually, we were made accountable very quickly and that was quite impressive in the beginning. Eventually we realised that our colleagues had failsafe systems and could have managed any risky situation. The subject they entrusted us with is so large that I think some more students will be needed to make similar studies in the following years". 

Thibault: "What impressed me most is the focus put on communication in this company. First of all, we were invited to join a full day training session on our first day and had an opportunity to visit both sites and meet the people. Clearly, that helps because everybody around the company knows you are there and you start to get your feets wet. Later on, I noticed that many coordination meetings are set up and that systems such as Lync, Yammer, teleconference are intensively used…this contributes a lot to the relaxed atmosphere because it brings people together. We work in contact with several sites in Japan, Germany, Sweden as well as people from all walks of life. However, people say hello when you pass them and you feel everybody is ready to help. At the end of the day I think this friendly atmosphere increases efficiency because you don't feel as though you are being monitored. Actually, you feel free to take time to learn, you communicate more confortably, therefore you increase your skills".

Testimonies: Co-operative training


Student in 7th year Maintenance of industrial automized systems CEFA at ITL Ath (Belgium).

Mehdi followed a cooperative education program at AW EUROPE’s Baudour site in the 2016 school year including on-the-job training in the company from 2 to 5 days a week depending on the season, the other days being devoted to his curriculum in school. 

« The target of my training was clear from the onset: to revamp an old robot so it can be used again for production purposes on new products. This was both motivating and thrilling because it was completely new to me. But first and foremost it was a concrete project that encouraged me to learn a lot by myself, including a programming language. Fortunately, I was warmly welcomed and efficiently supported by the members of the involved teams who granted me a lot of autonomy and offered the possibility to learn from my mistakes with kindness. The cooperative education system has given me a chance to find help both with my colleagues at AW and my teachers and to find my way by understanding what I really wanted to do in my career. The experience was both pleasant and enlightening and reinforced my determination to move on to superior education. I advise students to follow such a curriculum especially at ITL, which is known in particular for the quality of its education especially in electricity. It must be clear however that the requirements are high and the student needs to work at it with a lot of personal commitment!». 


Samuel and Thibault


Student in Co-operative Master in Manufacturing Management at HELHa (Mons, Belgium)

"The 2-year sandwich training at AW EUROPE has offered me a chance to integrate an energetic, motivated but more than anything stimulating team that enabled me to bring a task to completion within pre-set deadlines. In the electronics production workshop, I have taken part in mid-term activities to address the targets assigned to me. I have worked on various projects based on cost reductions and automatic component refill systems. In two years I really feel I have progressed tremendously on my way to integration into the working world".


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Every year we welcome students both in technical and less technical jobs, in various educational programs we have called HORIZON. These discovery trainings enable students to make their first steps in their professional career in a safe, friendly and technological environment. The suggested themes are exciting!

In many cases, a traineeship is a springboard to a job with AW EUROPE.

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