What kind of traineeships are offered

Most often, our traineeships are technical and are accessible to students in engineering at master or bachelor level in the framework of their education program. The most relevant fields of study are computer science, electro-mechanics, electronics and car mechanics.

In general, our departments are interested in welcoming trainees for a mid to long term because shorter traineeships (one month or less) are not long enough for the student to address the topic in full.

Discover here a few testimonies of past traineeships.

Can I send an unsolicited application for
a traineeship?

Yes. Our Human Resources people will consider every application and transmit them to the departments that could potentially be interested by your offer.
To have more chances to attract the managers'attention on your traineeship offer, we recommend you to provide as many details as possible on the practical conditions of the traineeship you suggest and on your interests, your dates of availability and the sites you can access (Braine-l'Alleud and/or Mons or Wolfsburg/Munich for Germany). 

How to proceed? 

Register a spontaneous application on our recruitment platform and select the category 'traineeship'. We will contact you within the shortest delay.

Are there also possibilities for non-technical traineeships?

Yes. Traineeships in secretarial, translation, administration or observation traineeships are sometimes possible at various study levels from high school to university. However we cannot possibly give a positive answer to all traineeship applications as we want to provide adequate support to every trainee.

Traineeships are unpaid but a contribution to your transportation costs will be provided. A traineeship must always be supported by a traineeship convention provided by an official training institution such as a school, a training center, Employment Office etc.


Student jobs & traineeships

Let's discover new horizons!

Both in technical and less technical jobs, AW EUROPE welcomes every year dozens of students in various programs we have called HORIZON. These discovery-trainings enable you to make your steps in professional life in a safe, friendly and technological environment. The suggested themes are mostly exciting ! In many cases, a traineeship is a springboard to a job with AW EUROPE.

Our programs:







Cooperative education programs


Student jobs


Interested ? Register on our recruitment platform selecting the traineeship category and mentioning the details of your projects and your availability.

We will transmit your request to the relevant departments and take contact with you as soon as possible!





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